Tuesday, April 28, 2009

friend or foe, which one are u?

everything seems to be twisted. those u think are friends, sometimes are your worst nightmare. i marah k orang mcm ni!! it's so true that u can't really trust anyone in this life! i dun trust people that easily but when i am starting to have faith in some people i thought i can trust, they simply let me down and then act as if they're innocent, as if nothing they've done nothing wrong, as if everything is alright!

nothing is alright when u betray ur friend. i can't believe some people can still live so happily without feeling guilty at all! a human being will at least apologize! does it hurt ur ego if u say sorry? huhhh! well i dun care anymore, at least i now know the real u. not really the kind of person i wud fancy to befriend with.

some people question, who is more important, bestfriend or boyfriend? what the heck! to me, there's really no answer to that question! both are equally important to me! boyfriend is boyfriend la, someone u hope to spend ur whole life with. bestfriend is still bestfriend, kau dah kawin ke, dah anak 10 ke, dah jadi janda ke, still bestfriend! so, can u really come out with an answer to that stupid question?and i'm so fucking pissed with those who share anything and everything with the boyfriend including the privacy of the bestfriend!(and vice versa) u don't call urself a bestfriend if u can't protect ur friend's privacy!

and i bloody hate two-faced people. damn these kinda ppl are everywhere. i see them everywhere kotttt! they'll talk shit about samad to ali, and talk shit about ali to samad. wtf? kalau kau terasa, yes buddy i'm talking about u and tell u what, u think others dunno what u're doing but sorry to tell u, they clearly know who u really are. ohhh do u really have fun doing that huh? i know, ur life is too dull too boring that being a two-faced person brings that much joy and happiness to u! pathetic gile kau %@^$* (u know who u are, kan?:) )

friends yg btul2 sincere boleh tahan susah la nak cari. those who will stay with u through ur high and low are indeed people u should appreciate all ur life. if i can't leave this world as someone remarkable to the society, i want to be remembered as a good friend, and i'll be happier than ever.

p/s : leaving behind ur friends/besties for ur gf/bf isn't the right thing to do.


IkieYcrUnchie_ikreLIcious said...

betul2 kak ira..
nak cari kawan yg betol2 so called true friend ni mmg susah kan..

time kite susah mane ntah batang idong pon tak nampak..tapi kalau die susah mule lah tergedik2 cari kite mintak tolong tu tolong ni..

bukan nk ngungkit but its fact..kalau tak tolong tak ubah la kite cam dorang cari kawan time susah je time senang kawan mane iman ke mana ntah..

"Friends are like melon shall i tell u why,
to find a good one u must a hundred try"

slacker said...

kalo baru kenal stakat setahun dua..aku tak panggil kawan baik weh..


its true kan..kwn2 baik kita sume yg dh KENAL LAMA...

yg baru2 mstilah ambil masa...

IRA said...

ikiey : byk experience eh?hhehe tkpe gud thing dat ur not one of em! :)

nadia : aku knal kau dh 4 tahun weh! tahun ke 3 knal baru bertegur wakakakakakaka!

slacker said...

maksud aku kenal hati budi la ngeng!

ko la sombong sgt!


ismas said...

betul betul betul!!!!
i hate fren yg mcm tue..
u x left da ppl u luv alone...
when they do when u in hard times..
there r not fren..

IRA said...

nadia,sape suro kau bersaya-awak ngan aku kat kms! mmg tak masuk arrrhhh! hahahahahahahahhaa

IRA said...

ismas! mesti awak rindu kat kite kannnn!

kikolala said...

haha ada org cari pasal dgn kau ke ira?

Perempuan cerdas said...

apa citaaaaaa? why aku losttt? sorry x ym these few days! final forensic ah dol.


IRA said...

hahahaha nnti ym okay!