Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hide and seek

2nd post of the day, hahaha wtf. it's already late! nope i'm not skipping tomorrow's class no wayyyyy! (ceh bunyi macam student yg tak nak ketinggalan lecture kan pdhal risau attendance yg dah mcm telur di hujung tanduk wtf wtf)

okay seriously, i think i need to find myself! yes i'm talking about ira! she's lost somewhere helpppp!!! due so some overrated external and internal pressure ( ye kawan2, pressure terbahagi kepada 2 iaitu luaran dan juga dalaman) some bad bad bad influence, own silly silly thoughts etcetera etcetera, ira is now - a rockstar. haha tak tak. ira is now - a - a - ape haaa? tah.

okay this is craps u can stop reading now, yes please.

i dunno how to describe. i just feel different. i think i do think differently now. i see things differently, i react differently, i speak differently, i do everything differently which is - depressing! i find myself becoming more and more complicated ( i said more and more, i didn't mean i was a simple person before - at least not in the recent past) , apparently i am becoming harsh to people ( no i was nothing like that before cecey) and i make terrible decisions - i mean, really terrible!

simple is boring. but being complicated, i can't seem to handle myself and the situation well. not that i wanna be one, but i accidentally lead my life this way. sounds sucky but whatever, it does. and yes yes i can't afford to stay patient urut2 dada tahan sabar atau sumpah seranah bergelen2 dalam hati sebab tanak terlepas la kan, guess what, to hell with that! whatever ppl's past and current perception on me, good or bad, i suggest u to forget about it now because i'm still in this unstable phase and i might change from good to bad or maybe from bad to good (if only) anytime from now so yek, tak perlu any judgement daripada siapa2 yang tah kenal aku tah tidak.

the most hated part - decisions! omg benci! i am a terrible decision maker and therefore, i will not decide anything anything anything at all! u wish okay! and so i will just go wherever the wind takes me.

told ya to stop reading because these are all craps. and yet u're still reading. wahaha. kau memang takde keje kan.

where's ira lalalala?

- she's playing hide and seek. mari kita cari. eh, siapa tanak cari sudah.


Anonymous said...

mane u?...huhu

IRA said...

cari cari!