Sunday, June 7, 2009

my school mag is cooler than urs!

ahahah seriously! was flipping thru these old pages of my school mag today :) yup if u're wondering, i brought along my cool school mag to india! other school mags can't be any cooler than mine, wahahaha sorry i was born with this prominent trait of 'perasan' and further acquired this trait in this school :D girl school rocks!

here are some of my favourite pages. be prepared with the fact that my face is anywhere and everywhere in that mag. don't u get my point?! lalalalala~~

my very own page. click to enlarge.
pardon my 'poyoness'. hey, school girl is supposed to be 'poyo' heee ;p

some stickers of us

my dearly missed bed-mate!

nad, she actually got that nickname - superstar.
"kak nad superstar" remember?

farah and her craps about a newly discovered princess. blueks ;p

random pics in the hostel. i love :)

we do have a gothic babe in school! my very own dormmate!

she rocks a.k.a syiro!

i wud say this is the most creative page by erna! click to enlarge!

oh muz dear! whatever she wrote is just so true!

the gangsta.

envy us! am sure u don't have this in ur school back then! hahaha

this is hilarious. note every character is this so-called
"ada apa dengan aenn?"
-those pics really speak for itself :) -

botol ayer = handphone
reban = warden

click to see naz's description about me! hahahaha

and this quiet girl pulls out some jokes on her page.
i likeeee!
are we born with this 'trait'? hahaahahaha. i miss us :D


nadd said...

hahahhahah i miss us! comot siot.


dee said...

Doink! Doink!

Nor Baizura Noh said...

ok, i also bring the mag to aussie. hee :)

IRA said...

wehhh, rindu u girls! heheheh