Saturday, June 20, 2009

ladies and ladies, it's ladies nite.

i hate insomnia!!! go away! i'm freaking tired and about to lose my voice, but sadly i'm unable to sleep. macam cacat jeee! it's already 3 am in the morning and i've been trying to sleep since 12 kot? i badly need some help on how to get rid of this imsomnia attack!

okay since i can't seem to sleep, and since i'm already tired of trying to sleep (yes it's indeed tiring, and boring tooo!) so i decided to blog till i get sleepy. u must be wondering why am i about to lose my voice? well that's because, i've been cheering and screaming like God-knows-what during our uni event - ladies nite.

well the name tells it all, ladies nite is meant for ladies only. no guys are allowed to join. it was held in our big lecture hall (note that our lecture hall is like TGV cinema i tell u) i gotta say this, the ladies nite was awesome. yes rugi la to those yg tak datang and tak participate, we don't get to do this every month pun kan, so this is like the only time u can really mingle with everyone and have some fun!

the first part of our ladies nite was the runway! yes, that kind of runway. we had 4 categories altogether and those are doctor's dress, wedding dress, traditional dress and element of nature. and guess what, our super junior really kicked some ass for this, the dresses were gorgeous and the presentation was superb! okay u guys really deserve the first place :D

my batch too did a great job for the runway! they actually put a whole lot of effort for the dresses and all, too bad they can't capture the models in their beautiful dresses beforehand (time constraint u see) hence the presentation was lacking of the models' photos. but anyway, u guys did ur best and i must say the models look superb in their dresses!

and coming to the 2nd part of the event, the short movie! each batch was required to shoot a short film which include moral values in it. i gave up runway at the earliest because i was more interested in this! yerp, me and my friends were involved in the movie making. we shot a movie which consist of 3 different stories in it. there's one story about one lousy doctor who doesn't even know the proper way of taking BP, another story about a couple from tanah meshir(bak kata aina) who are unable to conceive their own child and lastly about a nenek jalan terkangkang-kangkang with 2 medical students berlumba2 trying to diagnose the nenek from afar.

it was fun working with the girls! haahahaha the girls are baz as the nenek, tqa hamdan as her daugter, aina as saudagar kaya from meshir and her adinda ninot, nadia as the intelligent and creative doctor, awien and fadi as the 2 medical students, yaya as halimah jongang (the lousy doctor's patient), husna as the lousy doctor's daughter(girlgirl) and lastly, haahahhaa me as the lousy doctor lalalala~ not to be forgotten, piah as the director, fatin as the camerawoman and fien as the editor!

okay let's make it short, we won the first place ;p it was all last minute work seriously. fien didn't even sleep because she was too busy editing the movie. the short movie was initially 20 minutes in total (tu pun afta discard so many scenes) but we just have to discard a few more scenes so that the movie is within the time limit. note that our nenek won the best supporting actress hahahaa. baz, finally impian kau untuk mencapub menjadi kenyataan! hahahahaha

and we have some awards too. sleeping beauty award goes to denin, paling bermoral award was supposed to be mine but zahidah got it hahaha, perempuan melayu terakhir goes to faizah and lastly, paling riuh goes to piah! congratz congratz!

the ladies nite was fun. it gets more exciting when all of us involve and participate! let's have another round of this next year! hahahaa okay semangat lebih kan? ;p but seriously, boring kot kalau asik duduk rumah and tak bercampur with ur own uni friends? kan?

okay la, i wrote all this because i'm too boring in the middle of the night! will try harder to sleep after this because i need to wake up early tomorrow for god's sake aku kena pegi pasar esok kottttt!!!!!!!!!! please let me sleep after this huaaa :( :( :(

k la, babai!
pelakon2 handalan wahahaha



IkieYcrUnchie_ikreLIcious said...

Yeay!! super junior menang runway..

ntah nape Ikiey lagi tertarik dgn runway tu than the movie..hahaha..
maybe moral ikiey dah cukup kot tak perlu tak moral2 movie ni...hahaha...

takde gambar ke!!!!

acu said...

I see the lady nites was a blast!! Congrats to all of you, huhuhuhu.

PS: Bila la kami nak ada boys nite pulak? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

alahia, tkleh tido lg ke b? cian die, hope ur insomnia will go away n never come back :( anyhow, congrat intan for winning best movie! prooud with ur talent( erk, as a lousy doc?)....kidding! hahaha....d main thing is u had a good time...

diana said...

well, we had those ideas actually.. but i have no idea y it was cancelled.. sum ppl were tellin like dis la like dat la.. at last it ws cancel.. i tk tau.. tup tup tau kate cancel.. dey neva reli informed us ws goin on.. susah la cm tu...

IRA said...

ikiey : hahahah ikiey, yela moral2 dalam movie mane cukup utk ikiey kene kasi basuh kat usrah2 sket! baru jalan! hahahahahah gmbar ade satu tu je haa..gmbar i bersepah2 kat camera orang lain..well u know me wahahahahahahahahaha ;p ;p

faiz : boys nite..haha i wonder...ape akan berlaku..hahahaha

azar : i did have a good time, tp 10 minutes tak cukup utk pelakon2 macam kitorang, we need more time wahahahah..

ezza : errmm idea ape ni ek? i blur plakkk!

kisah cempaka said...

thx kak ira 4 ur c0mpliment!!
n als0 c0ngratz 4 da m0vie!!

IRA said...

cempaka, thanks! korang too, congratz! bole jd model ar!