Friday, June 12, 2009

independent is the new sexy

i can't believe in this modern century, there are still girls who rely totally on her boyfriend! what i meant by totally is when the girl expects the bf to do every single simple thing for her, though she's capable for doing it herself.

i understand that it is every girl's dream to have a hero that will always stand beside her and protect her from any harm. well duh, we girls wud at least dreamt of this once. we wud want our heroes to be tough, macho, strong, and anything that describes a hero (no we don't want anything like abang lembik) despite of all the strength that the guy should have, it doesn't mean that we girls should act weak, naive, stupid, helpless, clueless and useless!

well surprisingly, some girls do act that way - err, a little too much. i get it that the bfs wud love to help and to protect the gfs and he will definitely love the feeling that his gf can't do a thing without him by her side, and that unofficially makes him a hero - only to that particular girl. but then again, u're just a bf, she can leave u anytime and u'll no longer be a hero. (- . -')

well on the other side, as a girl, isn't it ashame? depending too much on a guy who's just your bf? for god's sake he's just a bf, let's spell it out - b.o.y.f.r.i.e.n.d! acting weak, naive, stupid, helpless, clueless and useless just so the bf can do more and more things for u is beyond pathetic. it doesn't have to be that way. u don't have to look pitiful to get attention - that's an old trick weh.

superwoman is cool! i adore independent girls. though she has her bf available for her at any time of the day, she won't be gedik-ing asking for help. i mean, not always to the extend that bf can't have his own space for his own living. it's crucial to be able to differentiate between 'mintak tolong' and 'menyusahkan orang'.

get up girls, independent is the new sexy. plus boyfriends nowadays are not those u can trust 100% (hahah sorry ;p) but yeah that's how it is. so let's not depend totally on the bf, give them some space to breathe and enjoy his life while letting urself to enjoy more of ur life :)

p/s : i agree some bfs are really dependable and it's hard to resist, but to switch urself into a totally dependent gf is a real no-no.

p/s : my bf is truly realible and dependable, but i choose not to bully u now. ;p


Dalila Husni said...

agree!(sambil angkat tangan dengan muka penuh semangat) independent is the new sexy.=)

Anonymous said...

'p/s : my bf is truly realible and dependable, but i choose not to bully u now. ;p'....phew!!!....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Aye aye..
i motion ur opinion ..
positive here!
dependent nmpk lembik..
kdg2 bila fikir..
bf tu stay dgn gf sebab sayang ke or sbb kesian takut gf die bunuh diri..
sebab lembik..


IRA said...

dilos : wah terima kasih kerana menyokong kata-kata i! waahahahahahha dilos, i know u're a sexy mama! ;p

azar : tapi terbuli plak mlm ni. wakakakakkakaka.

nonie : omg benar! takut gf nanti makan pagi kais pagi makan petang kais petang so macam kesian and terpaksa stay. lembik is not sexy, in fact, my nenek is sexier than perempuan muda lembik! hahahahaha